Side blocks

I need a little help here.

I want to remove the site and center blocks from some pages so what i did was this:

On the index.tpl a replaced this

{include file="main.tpl"}

With this:

{if $page.page_id >= "4" && $page.page_id <= "6" || $page.page_id == "30"}
{include file="pages.tpl"}
{include file="main.tpl"}

i made a copy of the file main.tpl and renamed it to pages.tpl

and i mofified the pages.tpl to this:

```php {* $Id: main.tpl 10618 2010-09-13 11:50:51Z alexions $ *}

{block group=“top” assign=“top”}

{block group=“bottom” assign=“bottom”}

{hook name="index:main_content"}
{include file="top.tpl"}


{if $top|trim}



{hook name="index:columns"}

{include file="common_templates/breadcrumbs.tpl"}
{include file="common_templates/notification.tpl"}

{block group="central"}


{if $bottom|trim}



{include file="bottom.tpl"}


and it works just fine but the center blocks are still showing and there is no way of removing them. If i remove the line "{block group="central"}" that will so remove the contents of the page.

Can any one help.

It is still the hompage whether you’re forcing the template to be or not. Hence any blocks destined for the home page will be shown.