Side Block Subcategory Tree

Please see the attached. I would like to have the side block subcategory list display only the next level subcategories not the full tree. Just like you see across the screen in the regular category menu. I've been poking around the Block template files and I can't seem to find where the controller is for this.




For this block the common fn_get_categories function is used. If you are not familiar with functions and block schemas in CS-Cart, you can hide secondary level of subcategories with CSS

Thanks for the info. I am not very strong with coding but can get by I will check out the functions.

I did try CSS and was somewhat successful. The problem that I ran into on the CSS side is hiding the correct level. The level that needs to get hidden depends on where the customer is in the site so the wrong levels are getting hidden.

In this case it is required to extend the extra parameters of this block in schema and use hooks in the fn_get_categories function to hide unnecessary categories