Showing Product Prices in custom Modifications...

Hi guys

i had some paid custom modifications done on my site and some of the changes i requested are not fulfilled and they are asking for additional money to take care of it, i was wondering if any one of you guys can take look and help me out with this.

what i want is a simple thing to DISPLAY/SHOW the product prices in the custom product display block they have created. below is the link showing how the custom modification is displaying the products with in sub categories and i have also pasted the code they have written for this block.

ill greatly appreciate any sort of help from aone one of you.

Reference Link


Custom Coding for the Blocks.

{* $Id: products_sub_items.tpl 8351 2010-05-05 13:38:37Z gvs $ }

* block-description:products_sub_items **}

{math equation=“(int) (96 / x)” x=$addons.custom_modification.sub_items_count_row assign=“percent”}

{if $items}


{foreach from=$items item=“item”}

{capture name=“category”}

{split data=$item.products size=$addons.custom_modification.sub_items_count_row assign=“products”}


{foreach from=$products item=“products2” name=“products”}

{foreach from=$products2 item=“product” name=“product”}

{if $product}




{$lang.see_all} {$item.category}


{if $item.products}

{include file=“blocks/wrappers/sidebox_general.tpl” content=$smarty.capture.category title=$item.category}