showing inventory count on product page

Hi there,

I know I’ve seen it but now I can’t find it - I’m looking for a option that shows the quantity of the products on the products page?

Where the customer can see there’s 10 of a product and order 5 of them.

Version 2.0.15


In admin settings, turn on inventory tracking.

Then in the product details make sure you have the qty available set in that particular product,.

And this, although a little old will helps



Thanks John,

I have this…

admin - settings - catalog, Enable Inventory Tracking is checked off

All the products have the qty but nothing is showing up in the product listings?

Make sure the product detail has the qty in, in Admin, products, your product

see attached.

if you have many products you can import these in 1 go.

Also if you have product options like, T SHirt, smal, med lge

, then the inventory fo rthese can be set in th eoptions window, search the KB for how to do this.



I have the same as your attachment John. All in stock qty is in each product listing and it’s still not showing up on each listing?

Ive just realised my image upload says “do not track” in the inventory, make sure yours says track or track with options


Mine says this…

track without options

do not track

I don’t have the option of track or track with options?

Change the dropdown box from do not track to “Track Without Options”

you dont have track with options because you dont have any options set.


That’s what it was set at all along “track without options”

If you want to PM me temp admin access, I will have a look,


Thanks John,

We got it figured out, we needed to go into - design - appearance - and display in stock as a field.

Now it’s showing :slight_smile:

Never even thought about that one…sorry


Not a problem at all John :slight_smile: