Showing enabling disabled blocks

I’m sorry if this is a topic that has been asked many times in the past, but how (more accurately: why can’t I), enable a block that is disabled in ‘All Pages’ when in another layout (eg Home page)?

For instance,

If I go to ‘All Pages’ and create a block called ‘Recently Viewed’ and set it up to show all the recent viewed items…and then I disable it (because I don’t want it on all pages by default).

If I then go to the ‘Home Page’ or ‘Product Pages’ tab to re-enable it…I find that I can’t!

What gives?

Of course, you would suggest that I then manually add it to where I do want it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for the Product page because it then becomes a ‘custom block’ for pages and I must then manually activate it for all pages …and then remember to reenable it for any new products that I make…

damned if I understand cs-cart ‘logic’ sometimes ;)

In short, I want to have recent items displayed on most (but not all, eg, NOT on the login) pages. I also want to have recently viewed in the side bar on some pages, and on the central pane in others…AND I definitely, absolutely, do NOT want to have to do this as a ‘custom block’ for the products page.

Any help or suggestions would be exceedingly welcome.

Hello, cmroanirgo!

Please, do not disable your block on “All pages”, the block must be active and it will appear on all pages. You should then go to pages where you don't want your block to be shown and disable it there. Also on every page you can drag and drop your block to the desired position and this position will be actual for the current page only.

Best regards, Alt-team