Show this page in a popup window

I am working on CS Cart 4.

I had checked and saved “Show this page in a popup window” for a page which I require this function.

However, this doesn't seems to be working when the link is being clicked.

Did I miss a step or this is just misconfiguration?

How did you create the link to the page which you intend to be a pop-up?

I created in by inserting my link to the page in content editor. Am I doing this correctly?

By default, the 'Show this page in a popup window' function only works in a block where the template is set to 'Text Links'. However, you can still use the feature inside a HTML block or any other block type for that matter, as long as you reference the href correctly:-

This link opens a popup

Use this format for the popup page. Note the use of “data-ca-target-id”, “id” and “class”. These must be used and must be correctly referencing the page intended as a popup. In the above example, '6' is the ID of the page which you want to popup. Get the ID by editing the Page under Website>Content, in the edit page, the URL will display the ID:-


Thumbs Up! This is working perfectly! Thank you so much StellarBytes…

Doesn't work in 4.1.x