Show Short Product Description In Featured Products (Scroller View)


I need some help please!

I am trying to insert the short product description into the scroller view of the Featured Products but it just won't work!

I believe the relevant line that I need to edit is in blocks/products_scroller.tpl and is the following:

{include file=“blocks/list_templates/simple_list.tpl” product=$product show_features=true show_descr=true show_trunc_name=true show_price=false show_add_to_cart=$_show_add_to_cart but_role=“text”}

I have added in show_features=true and show_descr=true and it brings up a cell in the scroller entitled “prod-descr” but it will not show the features or the product description.

I have spent hours trying to figure this out so any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

A bump 2 years on!

This has had 1222 views and no response… I'm trying to resolve this issue currently.

Most of our products have long names and need to pick up the 'Short Description' as an alternative for the Product Scroller block.

If anyone has accomplished this please shout!

I added

{$product.short_description nofilter}
and that pulls in the short description