Show products based on customer location

In Cs-cart normal (not multivendor) can we build an addon to show products based on customer’s location (integrated with Cs-cart default google api)?
I want to build a deals marketplace using the single store version before investing in the very expensive multivendor licence.
I will use ‘brand’ feature as merchant to display products by that merchant. I can then create a product block based on customer’s current location.
Is this achievable or am I better of fusing multivendor for this?

if you are using brand as vendor than what you need to do only is to assign each brand a location latitude/longitude and after base on the location you can list products of the brands situated in X radius of the visitor

also a map like this can be generated



How do you assign location to a brand? I went to features => brands and I couldn’t find an option to assign location.

You can’t. Hungryweb mentioned “if you are using brand as vendor”. You can assign a location to vendor, and then customers can search for products from vendors within certain range of their location.

You have lost me guys lol. You are saying I can’t and at the same time repeating what @hungryweb said? What’s your point, really? I was assuming what @hungryweb meant was that I can assign location to brand (since brand is now being treated as vendor) and that’s why I asked how do you assign the location.

Hungry web didn’t say brand is treated as a vendor, he said that you CAN treat brand as a vendor.
Here’s how it can work:

  • Create a vendor named, let’s say “Adidas”.
  • Log into this vendor account and create for him all Adidas products that you’re planning to sell in your store.
  • Insert this vendor location into his configuration.

In this scenario, customers will be able to type their location and find their desired brand/vendor.
You CAN NOT assign location to the variants of the feature that stores brands sold in your store.

I see. It seems my post has been misunderstood, apologise for not getting the message across. I am not using multivendor edition which is why I am trying to find a way to use brand in store edition as vendor.

That’s creative, it would effectively mean you could do a multi-vendor on the free version … I couldn’t think how you could take this further, gave some thought around embedding google maps and then using the google maps edit feature, but as I say didn’t really come up with a solution. If you did work out and option not sure how long the free version would be free for as it would undermine the business model!

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There is no functionality available and this needs to be developed, assign geolocation to a feature and also listing brands products from an X radius of a visitor needs to be developed.


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Yeah I thought this would be a good starting point while gathering and building relationships with vendors before moving them to the actual multivendor later on. By the time you decide to launch actual multivendor you’d have tons of reliable vendors who are familiar with your business, and onboarding will be fast.
But of course this is not actual multivendor so features such as location will be lacking. But again, not all successful websites begin with full features, right? :grin: But would be nice to have an addon that adds location to brands.

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