Show options in cart

I searched but could not find it.

How can i show the available options in the cart instead of having the " view details " link?

Hello carbjetkits,

Thank you for your message. Some code modifications are required to implement this feature. We would be happy to assist you in this matter within our technical support service. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk if you have support credits or an active support period.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team


I think this is a simple change. I did it a couple of versions ago, but did not keep it and reverted back to the default value. . I am looking to see what I did, but may not have saved it. I think the solution was also posted over a year ago and may still be applicable to the current version. The change was just changing one word in the cart tpl. Some thing like from “no” to “yes” in one line. The one word just allows the options to expand and show or just have the plus sign.


[font=“Verdana”]Why can’t they just answer the question, saying something like:

[quote][font=“Lucida Console”]“Take a look in the folder: /path/template/sub-folder/ and at the files: example1.tpl, example2.tpl and perhaps example5.tpl.”[/font][/quote]

It would be nice to see the product options and features of the product, including the SKU, original price, discounted price, and any other fields that are available.