Show Only Quick View - No Detailed Product View

I have CS Cart Multi Vendor 3.0.x

I am trying to disable Detailed Product View altogether and only have the Quick View. I believe the easiest way to do this is to change all the HTML anchor tags to point to the quick view URL instead of the detailed product view URL.

Anyone know where I can make this change in the templates? I thought it would be in the customer/common_templates/image.tpl but haven’t had luck here.


Soo I went into customer/blocks/list_templates and changed the URL assembly from products.view to products.quick_view.

Here's a new example url …

But the javascript must not be called correctly since it still takes the customer to the Detailed Product View. Anyone know a) where's the javascript I need to include and b ) where I can paste it to make it work properly?

Ok, finally got it working. Looks like you not only have to…

a) Modify the products.view URL to products.quick_view

but you also have to include the other HTML tags that are appended onto the Quick View button, which will engage the JQuery to fire the proper script to load the lightbox.

This is what im talking about…

id="opener_product_picker_{$product.product_id}" class="cm-dialog-opener cm-dialog-auto-size" rev="product_quick_view_{$product.product_id}"

And voila, I now only have Quick View as an option, no Detailed Product View. Good Luck.