Show Number of Products per Category in Menu

Is there is a way in the newest version of CS Cart to show how many products are in each category / sub category in the menu on the live front end?

For example, on a live site, in the category menu:

  • Books (315)

    Is this a possible feature that exists or can it be moded to do this?

Yep, there sure is. You can get it free at

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It only works for version below v2.1.x. I had requested the author to upgrade it 2 months ago, but there hasn't still upgraded yet!

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Yep, there sure is. You can get it free at http://www.codingsta…categories-menu

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Hmm, I have it working on 2.2.4 just fine. Maybe try it again?



works 100% , just installed and works perfect. :grin:

Never mind below. Just took the if statement from the extended categories template and placed it in the same place in the views\categories\view.tpl and it worked.

Wonderful mod. Question on Category pages. Is there a way to modify the templates to have the list of sub-categories display the product count?

The Category list in my left side box is displaying the product count for each sub-category. When I click on a parent category the central box displays the category pic and below it the list of sub-categories. I am not getting the subcategory product count to display here. There isn't a block to edit for this so I am assuming I can modify a template.

Is there anyway I can limit to a one main category

You can download this “Number Of Products In Category Menu” add-on for CS-Cart 3 Ultimate and Prof.