Show feature values in normal Product detail view

Hi all,

I’ve been searching over and over on the forums, but there doen’t seem to be a ‘simple’ way. What i would like to do is show the feature values (like brandname) in the product detail page, below the price etc., not in the tabs box. How can i do this?

grt Bas

p.s. Shouldn’t brandname for example be a default product field?


In “/skins/{SKIN_NAME}/customer/blocks/list_templates/details_page.tpl” find (around line 53):

{if $capture_options_vs_qty}{capture name="product_options"}{/if}

replace that with:

{include file="views/products/components/product_features.tpl" product_features=$product.product_features details_page=true}
{if $capture_options_vs_qty}{capture name="product_options"}{/if}

That’ll place the content from your features tab under the price.

tnx alot!

thanks for the tip

Easy way to Show PDF files in normal Product detail view ?

{include file="views/products/components/product_files.tpl" [COLOR="Red"]??????????????[/COLOR] }