Show Currency Based on GEO Location


I would like to show store Front end Currency based on GEO Location. For example, if customer accessing site in US, I would like to show USD, If customer accessing site in UK, I would like show currency by British pounds.

Kindly advice if possible.

I wouldn't do this, it's getting more common to use a VPN now that ISPs are blocking all sorts of content and people are concerned about security. I'm in the UK but because I use a VPN your site will see me coming from anyone of of ten countries.

Any other suggestions? I would really need this.

You could pay for some additional functionality, For example; [url=“”][/url] - notice how it uses Geolocation to detect your currency, shipping options, etc. but there is a link to change that default in case the detection was wrong?

This method is fast becoming the norm with many large-scale online stores. You can also customise the slideshow banners to suit your market. E.g; “Shipping to Singapore starts at $x!”

People like Alt Team, First Dev etc can do mods like this for you.

We have an add-on for this from the v1 releases at a resonable price. You don't need to pay someone for a unique development.

CS-Cart v1

CS-Cart v2

CS-Cart v3

CS-Cart v4