Show all currencies rates in the block


If you want to show in your CS CART all currencies data like this.

1USD = 200 EUR

1USD = 500 RUB

1USD = 600GB

You must add this in the costomer controllers init file:

After this code

$view_mail->assign('index_script', $index_script);

Add this

$currencies = db_get_array("SELECT a.*, b.description FROM ?:currencies as a LEFT JOIN ?:currency_descriptions as b ON a.currency_code = b.currency_code AND lang_code = ?s ORDER BY position", DESCR_SL);

$view->assign('currencies_data', $currencies);

And after, in the template block you want (or created by you) you must make some changes like this, to show all currencies data.


If you wan to show other currencies data, you must just edit the $currencies_data.1 -numbe!

you want.

You also can call other data from currensies.

Thank You!

Thanks, what does this look like when it is done, do you have a screenshot.