Show a menu to certain user groups

Hi guys

Does anybody out there have a suggestion on how we can set up a custom menu that will only be displayed to 3 of our 5 usergroups?



Looks like you are not the only one who try to do it. I have same problem. I have tried several ways but none of them are working. I try setup certain categories only to certain groups but it still show those menus to everyone :( . I tried to look several CS Cart docs and youtube videos but didn't see such settings anywhere so far.

Anybody here who know the trick to do custom Menus for certain groups??

have you tried categories availibility

have you tried categories availibility

Yes I tried that also. So far I manage only to see the ROOT MENU in bar, but subcategories for regular user is hidden and only certain group can see those subcategories. I need to get that ROOT MENU also away and available only to those who belongs to certain user group.

OK. No matter, which way I do settings for menu. This is the only thing what I can do:

Example groups: all, guest, Usergroup1 , Usergroup2

Menunames: bicycle - car - aeroplane - boat - spaceship

I want to hide menu name "boat" from "all" and "guest" and show it only to "usergroup1" and "usergroup2". I cannot hide top menu at all. However, I can hide "boat" submenus to be available only for "usergroup1" and "usergroup2".

Furthermore, I can hide separately under one mainmenu "boat" subcategory1 available for "usergroup1" only and subcategory2 available for "usergroup2"only.

If that can be done, why the top menu cannot be available for certain group only and hidden from menubar for guests ??

Am I the only one who needs certain top menus shown to certain groups of customers??? I didn't find any usable info from CS Cart own help sections.

I am afraid additional code modifications are required to do it