Should we be in https all the time?

OK, this a dumb question but I gotta ask.

In testing the site, it seems that once we initiate a checkout step that triggers https, it stays in https for then on, even if we back out or whatever.

I remember having a cart once where being in https when not necessary caused some people to not be able to access the site (don’t remember why - I don’t think I was ever able to duplicate it).

Should I worry? is there a setting I should have clicked?

Of course I have no errors or anything like that.

In admin settings there is a setting called:

Keep HTTPS connection once a secure page is visited

If you uncheck this setting you should return to HTTP once you leave a secure page.

Hi Lauraluc,

This is an optional setting, (based upon one of my excellent suggestions from about a year ago)! :shock:

Administration>Settings>General>Keep HTTPS Connection Once Secure Page is Visited

Of course I have this setting enabled and find it quite beneficial, works excellent.

You can experiment, although you should notice that their will be an annoying page refresh each time a visitor moves from https to http unless you have this setting enabled.

I also believe savvy customers can appreciate remaining in https mode after the first request!

I do have that checked. I wasn’t sure why but I figured it would either prevent a lot of “unsecure” browser errors & messages or cause something to bomb.

Y’all think I should leave it?

Lucky Laura,

If the great Struck endorses it, you have absolutely nothing to worry about! :smiley:

But then again, you can experiment with this setting, although I mentioned above what to look for with the setting dis-abled.

That’s awesome news! Of course I will leave it per your recommendation then.

PS: I know you are busy trying to hit your deadline for going live, so whenever you get the time, don’t be afraid to try this setting both ways, no harm will be done either way, although you will clearly see what I am referring to. :wink:

The Great Struck? When did you get this title :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote name=‘whiplash13’]The Great Struck? When did you get this title :p[/QUOTE]

Self inflicted.:smiley:

Yeah, the title sorta comes & goes dependant upon how each day is going, tomorrow, I may give myself the title of "Struck, the Absolute Looser, whatever I feel is fitting at the time! :smiley: