Should Pot Be Legal

Well here is a crazy topic to get some views on. For me I do not do any drugs or drink or even smoke. I do eat healthy and have my own business. I think pot should be legal not only for the revenue our states need for schools and other taxes but it is less harmless then having a shot at your local bar.

The USA has thousands of people who die from alcohol -driving,health and everything else related to that stuff

The next is cocaine which has hundreds die from this type of drug weither it is from health or robbery or anything related like meth is in this area

Now pot has no recorded death because of it like driving high and wrecks or everything related, pot has not been attatched to killings and recordered this way like the above ones. I know there will be responses that differ and I am using my research only and not real stats but it is what we know it is.

Why is it treated as the above when it is not only natrual but even if legal I would still not smoke it and would get this country moving a little. What are your thoughts and I know my spelling is off sorry

Legalize it for all over the age of 21 to take the revenues away from the scumbag dope dealers and dramatically reduce the crime rates at the same time. 8)

Why would it reduce the crime rates? You certainly don't expect it to be cheaper do you because the government is involved?

Need to then get a portable test developed (breathalizer type) for driving under the influence so when Joe runs down Suzie while she's pushing her stroller on the sidewalk while Joe is digging in his glove compartment for his bong that there will be consequece for being stupid.

California now has more medical MJ stores than McDonalds, Starbucks and 7-11's combined. That's a lot of sales tax revenue and a lot of legally stone people driving the streets, teaching your kids and voting.

Not in favor of making things legal because there's money associated with it. Once it's legal, all the real money will just go to those who don't need it anyway. If it wasn't for the possible liability, all those stores in California would be owned by 2-3 corporations. But the liability is so high that it's owned by individuals who don't have enough for the lawyers to get paid to go after.

If booze hadnt been invented 1000's years ago or for that matter like a lot of things, caffeine, salt blah blah blah, they would have a real tough time getting past the medical advisers for legality now, due to the way they are “mind altering” or not so good for us.

No government wants to be known as the one who sanctioned a product for legality when it potentially has the means to cause more death, mental health problems etc etc hen abused.

In 2004 in the UK we relaxed the cannabis classification from a class B to a class C, then it was changed back to a B in 2009 but you dont tend to have a problem carrying a small amount for personal use if pulled by the boys in blue.

I dont think it should be legal but it will always have dealers underground selling and growing cheaper than the legal stuff, just like the booze.

I have 2 kids who may from time to time smoke it but so what, it does not wire you to no end or prevent them from doing there jobs or raise kids it is a waste of public money in any city to have cops running around busting people for pot, the new future we are faced with will be very different then we will ever imagine, there is no money jobs are scarce and the people we vote in office should only be part time. Pot would not only greatly increase tax revenue, people who smoke it eat good and drink less beer or wine and drink energy drinks and soda which I know is bad but come on, use a piece of paper and split down the middle bad about pot and good it can do and see for yourself that pot will help pull us out of this mess and do good.

no comment, except been there done that…dont recomend it…gotta go now Ive got the munchies :)

Why you need pot? because you need to feel good about yourself without putting any effort.

If you feel good about yourself, and you accept life as a way to overcome obstacles and in the way be a better persons, there is not place in your life for drugs. If someone use drugs is because they needs to avoid a boring life. And their life is boring because they are boring. They have not discovered in themselves the tools to enjoy life.

Be careful. Ask yourself who is promoting free drugs? the extreme libertarians and the communist. Why? because they hate society and institutions. They don't understand fundamentals about hardship of life and how culture, science and art enrich people lives generation to generation.

I can tell only from what I saw and it is not good. You start with pot and with the time you'll become a gollum.

Look, I am the last person whom wants to see any more drug or alcohol induced morons roaming around free in society, far too many crackheads out there already, and our prisons are already overloaded (as well as costing us honest taxpayers a fortune of which the funds could be better utilized for things such as assisting our struggling school systems, assisting homeless single mothers with children, etc, etc)… However, we are certainly loosing the War on Drugs in it's current scheme, so it is time to re-think the battle plan. There is no perfect solution to the problem and never will be as long as it is fueled by the ultimate evils, greed and money, so remove the monetary value from the equation and watch things improve.

[attachment=4822:no.jpg]A friend of mine went schizcho and almost killed a guy, now serving 15 years,…stay clean as you were born guys and you will realise the real “highs” of life.


Nothing wrong we a guy who wants to relax. Booz makes people violent, fat, and bad in bed, weed is peace and love. You legalize drugs, you kill most of all organize crime groups. You can't prevent people from doing what they want to do. They only thing that can be done is accept it and provide help for those who request it.

Big gap between decriminalization and legalization.

Here in Oregon, pot has been decriminalized for years (quantity <= 1oz, larger quantities are considered not for personal use but for distribution).

Because we have no sales tax here, the state doesn't get any revenue (or very little - only licensing fees and business taxes) from the medical marijuana laws and those laws are abused so much that hardly anyone pays any attention any more. I'd say that 95% of the users and nearly 100% of the growers do not use as prescribed nor do they conform to the laws as written (no driving, no supplying anyone who's not carded, etc.).

Almost every election year there are ballot measures to legalize pot. Every time they are defeated.