Should I Have Kept Old Domain Name?

Our old domain name was registered in 1996 and our web site was at that domain until we went live with our new CS-Cart site around a year ago. At that time we changed the domain name to something closer to our actual business name and redirected the old domain to the new site. I was told this would not hurt SEO but now I am reading that domain age is a big factor in ranking. Did we shoot ourselves in the foot by changing domain names? The old web site was never really SE optimized and was low traffic. If so, would we regain priority if we changed our primary domain name back to the old one?

if you redirected with 301 then the link juice should transfer with it no problem.…wer/93633?hl=en

too late now to go back and alter as the old ones have probably been dropped anyway if you didnt 301.

Thanks John. I'll have to check on that. I'm guessing (hoping) it was done with a 301.

Check google for any links from your old site, by in google search do

and see if Goog holds any links at all, if it does do a 301 from that to the corresponding new page if your new page hasnt been crawled well

Just saw this. Thanks John. Sounds like a brilliant idea! Will do it. Only problem is the site has changed so correspondence is not exact. I can redirect to “best match.” Now I need to see if there are any links to the old site left.