Should I Be Worried About Security Breach 4.3.2

I have just updated 2 sites to the new 4.3.2 and all working relatively well

However a few minutes ago BOTH sites has a simultaneous order from the same IP address. Never seen this before and I am baffled as to how none related/linked sites can get an order a the same time in such a way.

Both are from a single IP in Malta.

Wait, So exactly the same order? or 2 completely different orders, just from the same ip address?

1 order on each site. Same name, same email address, same IP. Different products (a single item in each cart).

Address totally fake. In fact on one of the sites part of the address was 'Please select…'

The orders on two different domains that are not inter linked to each other. They are just both CS cart. I jus don't get it and it almost certainly has to be robot??

And when I say the same time… I meant 'to the second'

Are the shops both on the same server with apc cache options enabled? Cause there is a bug with cscart apcu cache

They are both on the same server yes. What is the bug and could it cause this issue etc? What can be done to fix it?

I have not installed APC,so unless it is a default setting then I am not sure it is that.

If you have not enabled apc cache in config then the bug does not apply to you.

But it does look like a bot.

I would guess a bot too. Why not just enable a captcha so bots will be less of a problem?

Captcha is already enabled on Login, Create/edit profile / Checkout / Comments and reviews - with Captcha disabled once logged in.

Perhaps I will look at increasing grid lines and enable shadow.

Many thanks for all your help.

let cs cart team know about this

Just reported in ticket