Short description in Google base uploads

I’ve been messing with the Google base upload in 2.0.7 and haven’t had any luck in getting it to work automatically.

I finally used the file that was created by cs-cart and uploaded it manually in Google base. That worked OK and got my files in Google, but in the description showing on a search page, it had a bunch of \n showing in the description. That is a carriage return I guess.

I also noticed that Google only shows about 3 lines for the description, and not necessarily the first 3 lines of the full description from cs-cart. It seems to use the first line, possibly a line from around the middle of full description, and one more line from somewhere.

I would prefer to just have the option to upload my short description instead of the full description. It would be a much smaller file to upload, and in my case the short description says what I want said in a 3 line description of my product.

The \n problem was reported in post #963 in the Bug Tracker. Still no resolution over a month and a half later. You might want to bump that bug report.