Short Description Always Blank

Hi, I am trying to display the short discription on my category pages. In previous V3xx this worked fine. But, for new version 4.3.4 "$product.short_description" is always blank? I have added following lines to the tpl files I want the short description to appear in:

{$product.short_description nofilter}

But, nothing is displayed. Have checked in debugger, and "$product.short_description" template variable is always blank.

Do I have to enable "$product.short_description" to be populated with data somewhere? Seems like the php code is not copying the short description to this variable.

On category pages, the amount of product data is very limited. You will either have to modify the '$params' that are passed to fn_get_product_data() from the 'categories' controller or use a hook to adjust the '$fields' that are returned. But be sure you check if the $field is already being returned before adding it since different controllers will use different sets of data.

Thanks, got it working!