Shopping Cart Software ... In Translations


in the infinite array of bugs and pitfalls of this software, today I have found a new one.

I wanto to replace the "copyright_shopping_cart" label to display the company name in the page title.

I have followed the instructions (, replaced the wording, cleared the cache from the admin panel and manually, cleared the browser cache, closed and reopened the shop on different browser and the wording "Shopping Cart Software ..." is still there.

Only the english version is displayed correctly.

I also opened the database table to double check

SELECT * FROM .cscart_language_values where name='copyright_shopping_cart'

and the wording is correct for all languages.

Any idea to fix this ridicolous bug?

Thanks !

Go to layout and then click the gear button and fill the data in

Thank you very much demeldoo !

The article should be amended acording with what you suggested.