shopping cart mysteriously empties

I have had this issue from version 2.04 thru 2.06

When there are say 80-100 different products on a shopping cart the cart will freeze up and then empty .

Very irritating to my customers as they are upset they have to redo their shopping carts. I am instructing customers to split the order into separate small orders but this shouldn’t be.

Getting a large order is normal for us as we sell very inexpensive products.

Was hoping there was a maximum limit that i can raise but in a proir email to the programmers they stated that shopping car tis unlimited but keep having this problem.

If anyone can help i would appreicate it.

I believe I’ve mentioned this to you before. Any version that is NOT 2.0.8 is seriously bug-inflicted. Attempts to rectify these issues don’t make sense in that CS-Cart had already fixed this in the 2.0.5 release through to 2.0.8

I’m not trying to ensure that you upgrade, just making you aware that your customers will be aware of many more bugs that you will be right now :slight_smile:

THanks Jesse.

Did manage to upgrade to 2.06 from 2.04. Im a little wary especially this time of the season to upgrade to 2.08 as read many had problems uprading from 2.06 to 2.07.

But will probably bite the bullet and go for it this week.

Was a little hesitate but finally caught up and upgraded from 2.04 all the way to 2.08 one step at a time. Took a while as had to change many files to 777 but they all went smoothly and so far looks like it was worth the trouble.

One question i have is I love the compact list but needed to have quantity box and amount of items in stock to be shown on there. Figured how to add the Qty box

but cant figure out how to place the in stock amount on the compact list.

Im also hoping my problem with shopping cart empting is resolved in this version. Will do some testing tomorrow on that.

Thanks Jesse for the suggestion to update to 2.08. Just the compact list feature alone was worth it for us but unfortunetly still have the same problem with the shopping cart empting after around 80-100 products being added to cart. DOnt see any one else having this problem so im assuming either no one else reiceves large amount of products on orders or this may be a hosting issue.