Shopping Cart Icon Not Showing

I'm building a site with version 4.0 and there is no “Add to Basket” or “View Basket” showing up - even if the customer is logged in.

Under General/Settings/Users/cart I changed “Allow shopping for unlogged customers” from “Hie cart” to “Allow” but this didn't change the store front.

What do I need to change?

Do you have the catalog mode add-on enabled and set to catalog perhaps?

Zero stock for the products?

Thanks NairdaCart - it was set to catalog mode! I thought it should be something simple but it’s so simple I couldn’t find anything in the KB[size=1] :? [/size]

Now that I have the icon showing does anyone know how to move it’s position or colour (it is hard to see as it is on a dark background)?

Go to Desing> Themes> Visual Editor ( on your selected theme)

On the left side there are options. In Customize dropdown menu there is " Colors" title. and then you will change the primary button and secondary button colors.