Shopping cart empties

I sell inexpenisve items and many times customers orders are large. Every so often customers tell me that when they try to place an order that the cart emptys and resets.

I just tried to place a dummy order and noitced the same problem. As soon as i have about 80 different products in the shopping cart it then empties itself or freezes up.

I can see how customers would be frustrated after adding all those items to have it empty.

If anyone can shed some light on this i would appreicate it.

By the way im using 2.04

You need to upgrade, 2.0.4 is riddled full of bugs, like trying to catch fish with a spear :wink:

If you need help upgrading let me know how I can assist.



Scott from CyberLNC which has been very helpful has told me the same thing.

Only problem is i tried to upgrade from 2.04 to 2.05 and had to change over 100 permissions to 777. Still show about 20 files that i cant change permissions as they do not exist. they are basically files from image directories which i may have accidentally deleted while back.

So cant do the upgrade becasue the files for me to change permissions on do not exist.

Is there an easy way to manually upgrade straight from 2.04 to 2.08.

I tend to always be skitish about upgrades.