shop loads slow?


is there any way to find out why my cs-cart shop takes a long time to load VS my wordpress blog? I am a bit surprised that it loads slower, even though i have the impression wordpress has a lot more “fat” in it …



If you look through the forums you can find a lot of threads dealing with speeding up CS-Cart. Some of the things you can try first are disabling addons you don’t need. One addon that made a big difference to me was the statistics addon. While this addon was neat, it really seemed to slow down my cart.

The biggest thing that makes a difference on speed is your host. If you are just on shared hosting on a host that has 1000’s of customers than you speeds are going to be slower than a dedicated server. From what I understand CS-Cart is really dependent on the database so if the host has lots of users accessing the database server than it will slow you down.

I use CyberLNC for my hosting. I am not really sure exactly what they are, but my understanding is that they are a shared host with a small number of customers. The guys who run the hosting are actually on this forum and use CS-Cart so that is nice too.

I am sure that other people will say more, but hopefully I was some help.