"Shop By Location" (State) (Country) Module?

I need a way for customers to shop by choosing their local vendor from my multivendor store. I would love it if there was a module that, once the customer clicks my link “Shop By Location” they are sent to a page with a list of the 50 states that show vendors in each state. Example New York (34 vendors) or Texas (17) and once the customer clicks it, they are sent to a page with that list which lastly goes to their preferred vendor page. Is there a module like this? I've seen the “Shop By Brand” which I like but it doesn't list the number of vendors and it uses the alphabet system.

If someone can make something like this for me, let me know the cost.

Thank you


Hi AlmondJoy,

For which version of Cs-cart you need this module. Surely, we can develop the same for you.



Hi- will be purchasing and downloading the newest version today. How much will this cost?


Our quote for development of this module is USD 450 with complete source code.