Shogun Page Builder Alternative For Cs-Cart?

Hey guys,

Does anybody know if there is a tool similar to Shogun for CS-Cart? Looks like cs-cart created a theme for their website that looks like a landing page (

I am very interested if somebody can develop an addon or theme for us that has these functions.

Can any addon vendor look at this and see if they can do something similar to Shogun?

Does anybody else want to have great landing pages on their website?

You can use any tool you want to build a static landing page and then simply have the links within it go to your cart. Not quite sure why you'd want an addon for a stand-alone static page?

Alternatively you can just create a 'page' within cs-cart (if you want to maintain header/footer and cs-cart css) and then use the seo rules to give it a name that can be referenced directly from your domain. I.e. redirected to

If you want to use a separate tool, most likely it will have its own css, etc. Hence you'll need to have it be a static page but you can still use cs-cart's seo_names to handle any redirect that may be required (like landing pages in a subdirectory).

Tony, thanks for response.

It is extremely tedious to create landing pages with cs-cart. We are in need of tens of landing pages and it takes a very long time to make one with using cs-cart's old jquery library and structure. We created custom CSS and JS code to add our Landing Page designs inside CS-Cart but every page has to be coded - tested against mobile devices and usually it comes out with problems. It takes about 2 weeks to release a landing page.

Shogun or Elementor (for Wordpress) kills it!! Everything is drag and drop, boom, you have a landing page in matter of minutes.

Check this out:

If I could use the code generated by elementor inside CS-Cart, that could even help but CS-Cart uses Jquery 1.9 where the latest Jquery is 3.x.

We tried embedding iframe using Wordpress in the background but the load time is horrendous.

Kinda stuck at the moment and we are weighing the options to switch completely over to Shopify - Bigcommerce and any recommendation / tool / addon / quote / proposal is appreciated.

Then I'd just use whatever tool you prefer and create static pages with links to your cs-cart products/categories.

Put them in a 'landing-pages' subdirectory to the root of your store.

Then for each page, do the following in phpMyAdmin (using company_id=1 and page name is 'mypage'

INSERT INTO cscart_seo_redirects (src, dest, type, company_id, lang_code) DATA '/mypage.html', '/landing-pages/mypage.html', 's', 1, 'en)



should redirect to

I'm not sure if it maintains the original URI or not. I.e. when it does redirect whether the address bar changes to the 'landing-pages' subdirectory.

The matter is not about adding an independent page. The matter is the ability to embed and create the content directly from CS-Cart admin panel so we can keep the site consistent. Header and footer, breadcrumb and the navigation menu.

I looked into the method you are suggesting. We tried Wordpress blog but we couldn't make the menus get together. We tried using Wordpress with iframe, it messes up the load time. Shogun with Bigcommerce creates the landing page right in Bigcommerce. That would be the same expected outcome with CS-Cart.

I checked CS-Cart vendors website. Cart-Power and CS-Cart's very own website are the most progressive ones. Cart-Power is embedding CS-Cart into a wordpress website so the load time is horrible. CS-Cart created a template or a system where they changed their homepage into landing page but I'm not sure how they did it but I need the same exact solution or the next option is to move on with Bigcommerce.

You can embed whatever css you want. But if you want to use cs-cart editors and data management, then doing so would have to be conditionally done. Ideally it should be done as a block so any css changes you do are constrained to that block and won't affect the footer or other areas of the site layout.

I am not aware of any design eidtor that is integrated to work WITHIN cs-cart.

Can this be done as an addon? Are there any companies here who can develop a tool that would do this?