Shippings weight based

hello again.

Is there anybody ou there to help me solve this situation ??

I want to setup a shipping where the cost will depend on weight.

i want to have a standard charge of 3.2 euros for any product that weights up to two kilos

and above the two kilos, I must charge 1.1 euro in additon for each kilo above 2.


A product weights 5 kilos.

the shipping charge should be 3.2 euros for the first 2 kilos + (3x1.1 euros) for the additional 3 (5 kilos is 2+3)

So the charge must be 6.5 euros

Difficult one for strong ones

Thanks in advance

Have a look at the knowledge base: CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

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Have a look at the knowledge base:…in-order-weight


I' ve looked at it.

but i want something slight different

I want for every kilo above 2kilos, an additional cost of 1.1 euro.

In the case discribed there, it calculates the cost either for the weight of 2 kilos or the weight of 2 and above.

If I setup the shipping like this, i would have for a product of 5 kilos the cost of (5 X 1,1).

I hope that that was clear enough

in the shippings weight dependancy column, see the tick box that says per kg (or whatever your weight is set at in the store)

you can use this .