Im totally confused now about setting up shipping. Currently we accept vendor registration to all Asian country PLUS china. Since we use EMS, all zone are same based on EMS, BUT only the rate is totally different from each country.

As you know ASIAN has 10 country, So i need we only use ZONE 1 and ZONE 2.

For example:


Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia,Philippines



Rate Brunei to Malaysia BN$15/1kg

Rate Malaysia to Brunei RM30/1kg

My question is, HOW the setting or configuration for this shipping method? We only use manual rate.

Brunei to Brunei (Domestic)

Brunei to other Asian Country

Malaysia to Malaysia (Domestic)

Malaysia to other Asian Country

Singapore to Singapore (Domestic)

Singapore to other Asian Country

and its goes to other country

LASTLY, does any one have encounter from the last update? We suddenly cannot make update or create new shipping rate based on weight and other configuration.

All calculation based on detection vendor country and buyer country.