How do you guys handle Shipping? I currently use a pretty good program called shipworks for my x-**** cart. They are the main reason that I have yet to convert my cart over to cs-cart. I hate having to cut and paste many orders a day. I use both UPS and USPS and shipworks makes my life easy and don’t mind paying $30 a month for saving me hours each day. If anyone is interested mybe we can ask them to add cs-cart to their list if we get enough request.

Well I personally just use the copy / paste method, but since I don’t have tons of orders it really isn’t that big of deal.

I know has an addon that makes shipping easier. I haven’t purchased it myself, but I plan to once CS-Cart 2.0 is out.


We use on 2 of our websites right now and strongly recommend them. Not only does their software work great, but they are very good to work with and their support is excellent.