Shipping With Dropship Fee

This may have been covered in here somewhere but I certainly can’t find it. So I appologize if I am repeating old topics.

We are getting our first store set up. In order to get enough products in the niche we have chosen we are having to use a number of suppliers. We will be using drop ship suppliers initially. Some supplier have a “per item” dropship fee and others have a “per order” fee. Obviously when it is a per item fee it simply becomes part of the cost per item. But with a “per order” fee we would rather pass that on in the shipping & handling cost. I have added a field to the user table for suppliers containing the per order fee amount. Now I need to add this to the shipping calculation.

I want to be able to specify a per order fee and have that included in the final “Shipping & Handling” total without showing it as a separate cost entry on the order. So I need to figure out how to access the new field on the supplier record and then include it in the module that calculates shipping charges.

Could someone help point me in the right direction to get this done? I am very new to csCart but I do know PHP. It is going to take a lot of time researching the code to figure out where and how to make this modification. We are under the gun to get the website open.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]If I am understanding right, I am not sure there is a way to do it by supplier…but you can do it product by product.

On the admin product set up page, you will find:

Shipping freight ($):

Whatever value you put in there will be added to your “general” shipping schedule. In other words, my minimum shipping is $12.00. If I put $3.00 in the field, the cart adds the general shipping with the added “drop ship fee”, and the customer will see $15.00 as the shipping cost.

Hope this helps…[/COLOR]

That is exactly my problem. What I want to do is have the Shipping Freight ($) be the ONLY shipping charge. I have followed the Knowlege Base suggestion for that and it just doesn’t work. To me the simple and obvious solution is to have a rule that says if weight is ZERO don’t do a shipping calculation. Then any Shipping Freight amount will be the total shipping. I could change the weight of that product to zero and the issue would be resolved.

Is there a setting for this? I have looked at the shpping methods and a product weight of “equal to zero” does not exist. If there were, it would be solved.

Will this require a module change? If someone can identify the module I’ll take a look.