shipping weights

got another issue.

i have a product which weighs x amount. if i order y amount then the weight should be x * y? so why does my cart only show 1 * x and charges my customers so?

just tried it on the cs-cart demo system. does the same thing.

Really going off cs-cart :frowning:

Its a basic feature of a cart. how can 10 items of the same type equal the weight of one item?


im chasing my own tail. delete this thread please. Im gonna sort this displaying weight issue and post the code :cool:

I have not come across this issue, are you sure its set up correctly.

You should have variable prices in wieght range…

i.e product x weights 5kg

Unsure of where you are based or what your shipping charges are, but I know mine are as follows

Setup in the shipping module for your destinations :

0-5kg £6.50 gbp

5-10kg £7.50

10-50kg £12

50kg on … contact us for quote !

Therefore if a customer adds two of product X the shipping is £7.50

If they add 3, its £12.00

This works 100% perfectly if set up right.

(excuse the mess of above, its late here now and im about to call it a night)

did some more testing this moring. been working long hours trying to get this shop up and running asap so, with the problems last night, being tired did not help.

although all my product pages shows the product weight. The cart weight does not multiple the number of identical products. Thats why i got my knickers in a twist. Since i’ve combined trade & retails customers. When a trader placed the order i noticed his shipping was much less than it usually was. So this confused me even more.

Dont you just love code, where you go round in circles :lol:


did not muliple the amount to the weight in the cart.php

$cart[‘shipping_weight’] += $_cproducts[‘weight’] * $_cproducts[‘amount’];


works a treat now, shows the total shipping weight of the order:cool:

Great you have it sorted,

Dont go off CS-Cart… Its great and can be very flexible and easily modded for most things, Im sure a lot of other carts have problems / limitations and as we know, dont contain half the features natively as CS does.

yeah i know, well im comitted now.

One thing the cart does need sorting is the vat. If a customer who is exempt or from a non vat country not to display the inc vat price.