Shipping Weights and Delivery Times?

I’m migrating from another cart where shipping was much, much easier to set up than CS-Cart.

I want to use real-time shipping. It asks for weight limits and delivery times. How am I supposed to know that stuff? Do I have to go to USPS’s web site and look up that information for each shipping method? My old cart could read in the weight limit information from USPS and wouldn’t even offer shipping methods that didn’t qualify for a particular order. It would also read delivery estimates in from USPS and display those to the user. Does CS-Cart not do that? I can’t tell yet because I haven’t gone live with the site. Do I really have to enter all that weight and delivery time information?

Also, I offer several shipping methods from both UPS and USPS. Is there no way to show these in a drop down menu on the shipping section of the checkout page, or do they have to display as radio buttons?

Any help appreciated.


Anyone have any input?