Shipping Weight Displayed On Category Listing Page

Does anyone know of a way to display the shipping weight field on the category listing page just under the price?

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All of my products are weight based but at the moment the customer doesn't know what the weight of the item is.


Do your Product Options alter the weight? I would imagine so given the options are for selecting the packets weight, however, I looked at half a dozen of your products and they all only seem to have one product option, rendering the need for using Options as obsolete.

To display the weight, you will need to add the following to your categories product template:



{$product.weight} ({$settings.General.weight_symbol})

This will display something like this:
Weight: 100 (lbs)

PS. I also noticed you have removed the Breadcrumbs, something I would advise against.

Thanks, that's great.

Also, breadcrumbs are back, it wasn't on purpose they were removed.

Thanks again.