Shipping Weight dependences issue

Hi all,

I am working on a new site at the moment which only allows Fed Ex, etc to handle deliveries.

Now say the flat shipping cost is $10 for the service, plus $10 per kilo, with a minimum charge of 1 kilo.

So someone buys 1 item which weighs 1kg or less, they will be charged $20 shipping.

Some of the products weigh say 1.5kg, so you would assume the total shipping cost to be $25.

Say they buy 2 items that each weigh 1.5 kg, it should cost them $40 dollars for the whole 3kg package.

All the products have been given weight values in 1/2 kg increments.

I have tried to enter in the Weight dependences fields the following:

More than 0kgs; rate value: $10; absolute $

More than 0 kgs; rate value: $10; absolute $; checkbox per Kgs

I keep getting bizarre shipping totals. I have made sure that the base weight is kgs, and there are 1000 units to 1 kg.

I have tried even to make the 2nd field as this:

More than 0.001 kgs; rate value: $10; absolute $; checkbox per Kgs

(just incase having 2 ‘more than 0kgs’ fields confuses the code) - no joy.

I want to do this so that i do not have to enter a specific value for every 1/2 kg increment upto 50kg for 4 different shipping regions.

Any one know of a solution?

I hope i haven’t confused the hell out of you guys, and will be away over the next few days, so I can’t clarify. Would be interested if anyone knows a solution, workaround, or even if you have come across the same problem…

many thanks to all


Try the following:

Cost dependencies

More than $0 - $10 Absolute

Weight depencies

More than 0 lbs - $10 Absolute Per Lbs


jobosales - thanks so much! it worked like a charm.

you just saved me a lot of time in front of a calculator.:smiley: …thanks again