Shipping Tracking Info


Question 1) Why isn't there an option to change order status to "Shipped" which sends tracking info to the customer?

2) How do I send a link to shipper's tracking info? Basically I want the customer to click on the tracking link that will take them to FedEx site that show current status of the shipment.

These are the essential basic features you would expect in a shopping cart, but is cs-cart team listening? ..wait I forgot they are busy making new bells and whistles


1) If you like to send SMS with tracking links (i think it is a better way than using email), you can use our addon.

2) If you like to send Email notification please have a look this example on demo site

@RetailFactory Thank you! How do you trigger the email to a customer automatically?

You are welcome.

We are tracking order status changing. All our events based on status changing.