Shipping_Tips Not Working

Okay so I feel like I'm losing it. Simtech just did an upgrade to my store but now when I try to edit my "shipping_tips" in Languages per shows nothing is in that field yet during checkout I have a whole bunch of information in that area. Doing a search for the words in that area pulls up nothing in Languages. Adding text to the shipping_tips doesn't show on checkout. I swear I've done this 100 times before and nothing is working now. Am I missing something? Cleared cache and also put my Cloudflare into development mode to make sure there are that isn't the issue.

Never mind. It appears this information is now found within shipping methods and can be different for each method (which is nice).

The mentioned instruction is for old step-by-step checkout. It will not work for the current one step checkout

Yeah lots of changes. which is fine. but odd when you are looking in the old spot and they are still there but don't do anything.