Shipping, Taxes & other nightmares with Locations

Okay, so I’ve come to discover that you can’t have a single city/zipcode/state/country in multiple Locations, or they interfere with each other.

I’m trying to create 2 shipping methods:

  1. Call / Pickup (all locations, $0 shipping)

  2. Free Local Freight (for within the same city)

    I also need to collect taxes for my state, so I setup a Location for “Florida” that includes only the state of Florida, and setup a Tax for that Location.

    So here’s the issue: my local city is within Florida. There’s no way for me to target my local city since it’s included in the Florida Location I created. This is a HUGE oversight and a means of increasing frustration for me.

    Any way around this?

Okay I figured this out, in case anyone is wondering:

[QUOTE]NOTE: If geographic areas (states or countries) of location zones intersect each other, then the one with more precise location conditions will be used for a customer on checkout. For example, if both of the following locations include the customer’s address: USA + Maryland, USA + All states - the first one will be used.[/QUOTE]

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

So what I did was create a Location for just the state of Florida. Then, I created a location for the local city. I think the issue was I didn’t specify the Location as:

USA > USA: Florida > Cityname

I previously just put in the city name…