Shipping Surcharge

Hello all,

I want to add a shipping surcharge percentage to my cart. I have added a freight charge to each product which I would think would have covered it, but it also shows up on the “free shipping” options that I have offered. I do not want the freight fee to show up there.

I found this article on the forum but it seems to be for the older versions of the cart. I am using 4.x


I located the fn_cart.php file but the coding is not quite the same.

Would anyone be able to help me with this?

I also tried to add a promotion but the conditions do not allow you to do it based on shipping option (only for shipping locations)

Thanks to anyone who might be able to provide some assistance on this!

I wanted to bump this topic, as it's something that I still need.

I'm holding out hope that maybe someone has done this before or that someone is aware of the area of code that needs edited.

Thanks so much in advance!

I apply additional charges to the Shipping Method under the Shipping Charges tab. There you apply the additional charge to the individual shipping method.

Like if Weight is more than 0 pounds, add $0.50 (it's added to the shipping charge for just that method).

Click on Shipping and Taxes, Shipping Method, choose the method to change and click the Shipping charges tab.

We do it this way: To add a lift gate surcharge in checkout, we modified:




In our case, we had to add a checkbox to give the user the option, however if this is just a “silent” add-on charge you do not need to hook scripts.tpl