Shipping Setup

Hey everyone!

I'm having difficulty setting up specific shipping methods/charges.

I've tried several different settings but I can't seem to get it to work as I would like.

I would like to set it as follows (if possible);

From 1 to a max of 6 items in cart total shipping $3.

For each additional item $0.25/item.

If total items price reached $30+ the shipping is Free.

Each time I set it as I would think it should be - the charges are completely off.

Perhaps someone has a suggestion for setup? Thanks in advance!

Are you doing it by using promotions, I think that would be best.

Would maybe take some tweaking but should be able to be done

Maybe set all procucts to have a shipping fee of $3

then set a basket promotion promotion where number of products in basket > 6 then discount on shipping of 92%

Then also have a promotion that says "where basket sub total > $30 then give free shipping



or , set up your shipping method then use the "items dependancies"

>0 = $3

>6 = 0.25

then do a basket promotion that gives free shipping for any order over $30.

I think this one will work best


OmG! *facepalm* I never thought to set up a promotion!

Thank you for your suggestion, I will surely give it a shot!

I tried these settings, and the shipping totals to $2 with 8 items in the cart.

maybe first you should set up the shipping as my screenshot in the last post

Admin>shipping>delivery methods

then do a promo if needed

I thought I had replied this...

It seems to be working. Thank you!!

These settings seem temperamental or I'm just doing them entirely wrong.

I tried using the item conditions. When I tested them everything seemed to add up exactly as I wanted - so I thought all was set.

Then 2 orders came through and the shipping charges were entirely off - it charged $0.25 for each item after 6 items in the cart.

(up to 6 items should have been $3 - any additional should be $0.25).

Maybe it's safer to just use the promotion instead of the item conditions. I've been trying to get this to work properly for months.

any screenshots?

Sorry, johnbol1 - I didn't realize you left a reply.

Screenshot of my current settings. I'm unsure how to achieve the setup I would like.

Also, I tried to setup your promotion suggestion - and I can't seem to find how to set a discount for Shipping.