Shipping Settings Missing

Hi Guys,

I have a number of carts using 2.1.4. Running into an issue with shipping settings.

When I go to the shipping settings page I have the check boxes for the shipping options but all of the tabs on top are missing. There is no tab for Main or UPS, FEDEX. That area is blank.

Any ideas how to fix this?



Do you have Disable shipping checked above Shipping processors?


Since 2.1.3 CS-Cart Professional Edition had been released, the shipping tabs where you can specify settings for a necessary real-time shipping processor were moved from the “Shipping settings” page to shipping method details pages in the administration panel. So it means that you can fill out values of necessary shipping settings on a necessary shipping method page, but first you need to activate a necessary real-time shipping method on the “Shipping settings” page in the administration panel of your store.

Anastasiya Kozlova

CS-Cart Support Team