Shipping Rate Setting Suggestion

Hi CS-CART guys,

Can you update the shipping rate setting?

For example

Shipping by DHL

Currently, we can set, the rate of each weight, which we need to set one by one. Like,

Base rate $10, and next to each 1.1lbs




... etc


To set how much per 1.1 lbs ( KG) this will go to

base rate $10,

Every 1.1 is $12, then no need to set the above formulation.

This will definitely save much time on setting shipping rate.

And more, please consider to add a copy button to other store or other shipping rate.

Let me know if you have any questions, thank you.

How about this

How about this

Something like that.

A basic shipping rate and the surcharge will be based on a certain weight unit.

I'm following this topic too,

It's a good idea