Shipping Question


I am using Fedex UK to ship items. I have created 6 Location zones for the various postcode areas in the UK. This is setup in Locations with “United Kingdom” in Countries & Various postcodes ie EX*.

These where then linked to the Shipping Method with the charges per zone in weight dependencies and everything seems to work fine for this type of shipping.

I want to add Royal Mail services as an additional option. So I created a new Location zone for the UK as a whole with “United Kingdom” in Countries and then linked the rates in the new Shipping Method for Royal Mail. Now the cart refuses to display the Royal Mail rates. I add States for the UK and nothing. I add postcodes AB* and the system now only shows Royal Mail and not the Fedex option.

I do not have suppliers turned on and have recently deleted all the shipping services as I was getting errors that it could not ship to an area. I also have weights set correctly in all the products.

I would like to know where I am going wrong as I am wasting a fair amount of time.