Shipping Problem

great problem:

shipping cant be select in checkout

what im doing wrong:



and tihis in vendor


Dear Kulli,

It is very possible that something wrong with the cache as all settings are made correctly.

Best regards, Alt-team.

im regularly deleting the cache in admin panel

and I've tried everything according knowledge base CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

what can I do more

We have checked your screenshots once more.

You have set rates only for one location.

Is it possible that you try to choose this shipping for other locations.

Or you have checked this moment?

Best regards, Alt-team.

one shipping location german - german

one price 4,45 € flat



[quote name='Alt-team' timestamp='1419946380' post='201310']

Is it possible that you try to choose this shipping for other locations.


how can i choose shipping or other locations ?

You can click on the EU, Osterreich or Schweiz to specify shipping rates for other locations. Thanks

yes, but this solves not the problem


Leider sind keine Versandoptionen für Ihren Versand Zielort verfügbar.

Bitte nehmen Sie mit uns Kontakt auf, damit wir Ihnen den Versand organisieren können.[/color][color=#4A4D4F]


Did you define zipcodes for locations? If yes, try to remove them

no zip-codes never

canot mark it as [solved]

products must have an supplier it the addon supplier ist aktivated!

its not enough to have vendor(Händler) on produkts

in german Händler(vendor)=Lieferant(Supplier)

this is really confusing in cs-cart

i had this to before on my checkout page to.

When i edited my profile (frontend) it was showing the shipping again.