Shipping per price

Could someone please walk me through how to set the following. I’d be willing to kick back a few bucks as well if i cant get this to work

Need to set a shipping price to free for orders over $125. for domestic only.

Anything under that would be a flat rate fee, domestic only.

International orders would use live USPS Priority

Thank you to anyone that can help on this.

Try This:

Go into Shipping

Under custom Shipping Method do the following:

Under product cost

More than $125.00 cost 0.00

Make sure default destination is USA

International you setup USPS, just make sure the destinations are listed.

If you can help me to make a logo I would appreciate it, if you can.

Ive sent you a message

I still need some of the exact issues I have addressed. THis is most likely a simple set up, but Im having issues…

Anyone interested in doing this for a few bucks. please PM me .

Thank you

I don’t see custom shipping methods? The top navigation tab says “shipping/taxes” and and under that I see “shipping methods”?