Shipping options not showing

Ok, so we’re getting ready to activate shipping, but the shipping options aren’t available.

It was working a few days ago when we tested it, but now when we checkout, it’s always defaulting to “Free shipping”.

Here’s what I checked. Let me know if there’s anything else I should verify…

  1. “Disable Shipping” (shipping settings) = unchecked
  2. Enable Canada Post (shipping settings) = checked
  3. Canada Post (shipping settings)
  • Merchant ID = ok
  • Package length, width, height = confused! lol Aren’t all packages gonna be different sizes??
  1. Shipping Methods = 3 active (“Instore Pickup”, “Priority Courier”, “Expedited Parcel”)
  2. Product weight = inputed (only on our “test” product, though)
  3. “Free Shipping” (product page) = unchecked
  4. Localizations = disabled
  5. Locations = Default destination (all countries) - just for testing purposes.

    Anything you can see I am missing.


You can LOL, but most shipping carriers work from weight rather than dimensions unless the package dimensions exceed the “dimensional weight” limits. Most of these same carriers required a package w/h/l to determine if they should use dimensional weights or not.

You are correct in assuming packages may be of different dimensions. But cs-cart shipping is simplistic. I.e. the do not do any dimensional calculations and so they simply use the weight and pass the default w/l/h values from the carrier setup.

Hope this explains.

In summary you need to have w/l/h within your carrier settings.

Note that a zero weight in a product also indicates no shipping.

So add weight to your products and default w/l/h to your Canada Post settings.

Hey tbirnseth,

Thanks for the info. I apparently just learned how to clear the cache (which is sad that I didn’t know lol), and everything works now. I appreciate your help!