Shipping Options And Product Value

Hi. I'm just in the process of setting up a multi-vendor marketplace and wondering how best to set up shipping. I can calculate a weight-based shipping method but how do you guys deal with the value of the product? Standard Hermes shipping compensates for only £20 but many of the products that will be available will be more than this, some less.

Also, I assume if a customer checks out with products from multiple vendors, the postage will be calculated for each vendor, not just one? EG, a 0-1000g parcel might be £3, but two 300g parcels from two different vendors would need to be £6 split between them. Does it do this automatically?


In Multi-Vendor, customer is selecting a separate shipping for each vendor in order. So in your example with "two 300g parcels", each vendor will have to send his own parcel, with weight of only one product. (unless you're using dropshipping functionalities, but that's completely separate thing.)

Remember that you can also set shipping cost to scale with total weight of products in order.

If you're having issues with weights of products regarding certain shipping providers, we have an add-on that may be helpful for you:¤cy=USD

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