Shipping Option

Can you guys tell me why the store end was not able to show shipping option when i have created a shipping method and shipping location covering all states of a Australia.

I have 2 shipping methods available.

  1. uses weight limit from 0.51kg to 20kg covering 28 different locations
  2. weight limit from 0kg to 0.50kg covering all location uses flat rate

    I have created a location name All Australia too.

    The shipping method that uses different zones works fine but the shipping option that uses flat rate for anything below 0.50kg was not showing in the checkout. (warning message shipping option was not available)

    please asssit

    cs-cart 4.0.3

Im in the process of migrating to 4.0.3 with a test store, and none of my shipping options are working. I have a very similar setup; zones within Aus, Aus flat rate etc.

I'm sorry I don't have any answers for you, but perhaps there is a bug with the shipping? I do remember some saying they turned off the Suppliers function in V4 to get their shipping working. Perhaps give that a go?

mine has never been turned on at all. Anyone can help please?

Check in shipping & taxes - Locations that your settings are still ok. I seem to remember that after I upgraded using '*' in any of the settings caused a similar problem. I left them blank instead.

i created a new location name Rest of Australia. I insert a country Australia and all 8 states. saved and closed.

in the shipping method, i created a new shipping method name flat rate. I filled in the weight limit from 0kg to 0.5kg. On the shipping charges, I only edit the rates for location Rest of Australia. I filled in the rate value of the item dependencies with 6. saved and closed.

If i try to purchased item less than 0.5, the shipping option its not showing.

please help