Shipping option removed on value


I have 3 shipping options, Royal Mail, Fed Ex economy & Fed Ex express on a Manual setting.

At 500g the Royal Mail option is removed from choice, as Fed Ex is more cost effective.

Is it possible to set the Royal Mail option to be removed from choice at 500g or £50 cart value, whichever is reached first? (cant seem to find away of removing the shipping option based on a cart upper limit)

CS Cart 1.35.

Thanks Matt

Wow, that the same problem that i have with 2.0.8. But i havent found a solution. I have send a ticket and wait for a solution.

Same problem here. I want to offer normal mail service which carry a higher risk than registered mail, therefore it is only available to customer if the total ordered value is less than $100.

If anyone know the solution, please let me know.